“Website without visitors is like a ship lost in the horizon.”

- Dr. Christopher Dayagdag

While many businesses understand how important a web presence is to their growth, they are often trying to keep costs down. Though hiring Digit Agency might seem like tempting route to take from a cost-savings perspective, it will almost certainly cost you more in the long run. Some things require investment, and here’s why your web presence is one of them:

There's really no way to work on a web presence without working on your company's brand. Your brand has an influence on everything from the look and feel of your website, to the content that goes on it, to the way your products and services are presented. And usually, to maintain consistency, your other marketing efforts will end up retaining the same look and feel.

Likewise, design of your web presence will affect your brand, and can either enhance it or detract from it, depending on how well the design is executed. That's why working with a developer who “gets” the long-term vision for your brand will translate that to your web site and vice versa.

The ArtLake is providing a dedicated web developer who is focused on the bigger picture as it relates to your company and your brand. He looks at every proposed change through the lens of what's right for your brand, not what can be quickly implemented for a fast buck. To the dedicated web developer, custom web design is a process of enhancement, not expediency.

We have a unique approach to building sites and even though there are standards and best practices in web development, it still leaves a lot of room for interpretation. If different developers make changes on top of other changes without fully understanding what they're doing, it could have a major negative impact on your site.

We understand the value of a dedicated approach to custom web design projects. If you're looking to create or expand your web presence, we'd love to talk to you!